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Things to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Getting a divorce is a demanding, emotional decision for the majority of couples. The process can not be more difficult if each of the divorcing spouses has trust in their own attorney.Most divorcing couples locate an attorney from a attorney whom they already understand, or from a lawyer referral service like that offered by the Illinois State Bar Association, lawyer online directories such as Avvo or Nolo , or by means of a referral from friends or family. Both parties are represented by a divorce attorney cannot concurrently - just the party who first contacted her or him.Each spouse should...

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Divorce | Types of Divorce

Couples that seek to break up their marriages with no challenges of litigation often turn to alternative dispute resolution. The following problems, amongst others, are amenable to such settlement strategies:Child supportCustody and visitationDivision of Property Living arrangementsSpousal supportThe Imbalances of PowerDisputants frequently rely on mediators to offset power imbalances between parties. Such imbalances will be minimized, where an attorney is present at a mediation to represent the wife in this type of situation. Mediators often ask the participants, at some stage, to speak directly with each other, frequently as a means of releasing or "to get it all out." Even without...

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Family Law | Divorce in Relation to Income Taxes

Before filing for divorce, various federal tax concerns ought to be reviewed due to their potentially profound consequences. Each has consequences and its tax treatment.Division of PropertyMost divorces entail a division of the property possessed by the couple.There are, nevertheless, tax consequences following divorce that influence future taxes.The basis is typically the cost of the property. A capital gain is taxable at rates that are specific. So, when the receiving spouse later sells property distributed pursuant to a divorce decree, the spouse receiving the compensation may be required to pay taxes on the proceeds of the deal.In a divorce, for...

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Introduction to Besserman Law

Deborah Besserman Owner/Attorney Besserman Law Office represents clients throughout St. Louis and Metro East in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury, Wills and Estates, Contract Law, Property Disputes, Car Accidents, and Truck Accidents. Deborah Besserman will personally handle your case. Let Deborah Besserman put her years of experience in the legal industry to work for you.Licensed in Illinois & Missouri.Deborah has worked her way up in the legal field from secretary to paralegal to lawyer; her legal training began years before she finally became a lawyer. Through all the experience, she has developed a complete knowledge of the workings...

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