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Can serious marital disputes be resolved without the time and expense of litigation?

Can serious marital disputes be resolved without the time and expense of litigation? Yes–divorce need not be a battleground. The ending of a marriage or resolution of family conflict is painful enough. Collaborative law offers a fresh alternative to resolve disputes or the end of a union with privacy and respect and with nominal court involvement while taking into account the highest precedence of their entire family to parties. A team of specially qualified interdisciplinary professionals guide and support parties in a problem-solving process, not as opponents. No single strategy to the divorce process is right for everyone. Many couples are discovering Collaborative Law a welcome alternative to conventional divorce litigation and arbitration.

There is a small initial consultation fee, but if you retain Besserman Law Office, this amount will be deducted from the required retainer.

In a traditional divorce case, the parties look to the court system and judges to resolve their dispute each viewing the other as the opponent, in an exceedingly public forum. This process often results in substantial financial and emotional price to the entire family. Collaborative Law is a non-adversarial method that views a family in divorce as a family in crisis which has a series of issues to be solved, instead of a series of battles to be fought. The end goal is continually to satisfy the legitimate needs of everyone involved in a family that is restructured.

The process begins with both wife and husband retaining unaffiliated Illinois divorce lawyers that are collaboratively qualified and who commit, in writing, not to go to court but rather to work together to aid the couple reach agreements favorable to all. One or both parties choose to continue to court, and if an agreement cannot be reached, the attorneys and specialists are disqualified from proceeding farther on an adversarial basis. With the focus on problem-solving instead of adversarial representation, there’s a powerful chance disagreement will be reduced, enabling the couple to resolve and reach agreements.

It's time to get on with your life and move forward!

The parties meet privately with their respective lawyers and potentially additional experts, called “Team Members” who may include a child specialist, an unbiased financial specialist, and divorce coaches, all of whom perform a valuable service helping to reduce conflict and price by directing the parties towards an friendly resolution.

Collaborative law is comparable to but differs from arbitration in certain significant respects. In mediation, a neutral third party (the mediator) assists the parties’ dialogue to help achieve a settlement but cannot give legal opinion, support for either side, or draft the final legal papers required. In Collaborative Law, both parties have independent attorneys present during the discussion to supply legal advice in an educational context, thus empowering the clients to make informed choices about their lives, as well as their children’s lives. When an agreement is reached, the Illinois divorce attorney will prepare all of the documents crucial and indeed will accompany the parties to court to finalize their case.

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