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St. Louis Man Charged in Deadly Car Crash

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St. Louis Man Charged in Deadly Car Crash

Pregnant 15-year-old Teen Killed

In St. Louis, Missouri 21-year-old Brian Green pleaded guilty to his actions that occurred from a car crash that happened March 6, 2014.  Now, Green will serve three years in prison as he was charged with criminal action and second-degree involuntary manslaughter.  Green admitted he knew that his driving posed a substantial risk and that his actions could have killed someone thus leading to his charges.

Sadly, the fatal car crash happened when Green sped his Acura up to 60 mph, went through a stop sign, and struck another vehicle and a tree.  Tragically, when the car struck the tree it split in half which in turn killed his 15-year-old back seat passenger, Jada Williams.   At the time of the crash, Williams was pregnant.

​Another front seat passenger, Dewon Chrisp was badly injured in the car crash due to a sliced artery and several broken bones; he survived.  All charges toward Green by Chrisp were dropped for unknown reasons.

It was found that at the time of the car accident, Green was out on bail for marijuana possession as well.  Although Green’s blood was taken at the time of the car crash, it tested positive for alcohol or drugs.

Witnesses of the car crash reported that the same morning of the accident Green’s vehicle and another were seen in suspicious activity on Pennsylvania Avenue.  As a result, one of the witnesses who alerted police of the activity attempted to follow Green, but he sped off through a school zone at 80 mph as children were passing by.  Shortly thereafter Green headed west on Lafayette Avenue where he crashed his vehicle and the fatal car accident occurred.

Car crashes are a traumatic event, especially when a life is lost.  When the unthinkable does occur, the negligent party must be held accountable, therefore, the help of a skilled Edwardsville personal injury attorney such as Deborah Besserman can help.  At Besserman Law Office they understand that compassion and caring in a case equals favorable results.  Please contact Besserman Law Office today for a consultation regarding your potential personal injury case.

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