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Protecting You From Domestic Violence and Unfair Accusations

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The Illinois Domestic Violence Act seeks to stop repeated physical abuse and harassment among household members family and handicapped adults. The term “family members” includes individuals connected by blood, people who are or were married, persons who share the home, apartment or other residence, dating couples, and people with disabilities. An Order of Protection is a court order that prevents an abuser from physical abuse, harassment, hindering with personal liberty, using physical force toward or the control of another, or willfully denying a disabled or elderly person medication, medical assistance, shelter, or alternative demands. A person could also break of the Domestic Violence Act by committing acts of “neglect,” such as failing to take necessary things to do to shield high risk adults with handicaps or withholding necessities of life for this individual.

Often domestic violence actions are emergency issues that require immediate attention along with an excellent understanding of the court system to achieve protection that is needed. Emergency Orders of Protection are opened by the court without warning to the affirmed abuser. An Emergency Order of Protection will be valid for more than 21 days or no less than 14. In the event the alleged abuser was served with notice of the hearing, the court might enter an Interim Order of Protection successful for up to 30 days. Ultimately, after an evidentiary hearing, the court may enter a Plenary Order of Protection powerful for up to two years. All Orders of Protection may provide for exclusive possession of the marital residence, a prohibition of abuse, stay-away orders, or the physical care and property of minor children. Violation of an Order of Protection is a crime if a person knowingly disobeys the order. Any law enforcement officer that has probable cause to believe that a person has infringed or is breaking an Order of Protection, even whenever action was not committed in the presence of the policeman, may make an arrest without a warrant. In addition to the Domestic Violence Act, Illinois has embraced a Stalking No Contact Order Act, which has many requirements that parallel the Domestic Violence Act.

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A charge under the Domestic Violence Act is extremely serious and should be pursued or defended with thoughtful and competent representation. Besserman Law can litigate domestic violence matters and solving them positively for our clients. Adoption Attorneys, Custody Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, Guardianships Attorneys, Premarital Agreements Attorneys, Spousal Support Attorneys. Get your divorce lawyer consultation today! There is a small initial consultation fee, but if you retain Besserman Law Office, this amount will be deducted from the required retainer.

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