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What are my Legal Rights?

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Sole custody suggests that one parent performs all the major decisions related to the child.  This involves, where the child goes to school, what faith the child chooses, who the child’s medical doctor is, dental provider is, psychiatric needs, optical care providers are and what kind of medical care, dental care, psychiatric care, and optical care the child gets.

Joint custody is not for everyone.  It will be granted only if the parents display an ability to adequately and consistently cooperate in circumstances that directly affect the child or children.  Joint custody means that both parents make all the major decisions related to the child together.  This covers but is not restricted to where the child goes to school, what religion the child is, who the child’s medical provider is, dental provider is, psychiatric provider is, optical care providers are and what variety of medical care, dental care, psychiatric care, optical care the child undergoes.  Except in the event of a medical urgency, a parent with joint custody cannot produce a major child-related arrangement without the consent of the other parent.  Joint custody does not mean the individuals have equal parenting time.  In joint custody, one parent will be granted what is termed “residential custody”.  This just implies that the child will live mostly with that parent.  The residential custodian will collect child support from the non-residential parent.

We Help Clients With Child Custody And Visitation Cases

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For a lot of men & women, the issue of child custody is the single most important–and stressful–facet of divorce. Clients often come to us with the subsequent concerns:

  • How can I be certain that I will get custody of my children?
  • Is there anything I may do to restrict my spouse’s participation in my child’s life?
  • Can my ex-spouse and I remain equally involved with raising our child?

Putting Your Children’s Needs First

Besserman Law offers legal representation that is experienced and dedicated to men and women through the entire Illinois metro area that are going through a divorce or dealing with a custody dispute of any sort. Deborah knows the specific factors that come into play when the family courts decide child custody, and will help seek the guardianship arrangement you are expecting to achieve. Illinois Child Custody Law In Illinois, there are just two elements of guardianship. Legal custody affects the right to make and be involved in major decisions associated to a child’s schooling, religion and health care, while “physical custody” refers to the routine day-to-day care and dwelling of a child. In appraising and determining custody, a court’s primary concern is “the best interest of the child,” which is determined by thinking about the following variables:

  • The hopes of the child’s parent(s) as to the child’s custody
  • The hopes of the child as to the child’s custodian
  • The cooperation and interrelationship of the child with his or her parent(s), siblings and any other person who may significantly influence the child’s best interest
  • The child’s adaptation to his or her home, school, and community
  • The mental and physical well-being of all persons involved
  • Physical violence or threat by the child’s possible custodian, whether conducted against the child or someone else
  • The appearance of ongoing abuse, whether directed against the child or someone else
  • The readiness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing association between the other parent and the child

Factors considered by the courts as well:

  • The sufficiency and establishment of the parties’ homes and surroundings
  • The interaction and connection of the child to his parent(s) and the child’s adjustment to his home
  • The relative economic situations of the parties
  • Whether a person is current with child support duties
  • College and finances involved with continuing education

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Establishing child custody directly impacts the amount of child support you might have the right to receive from your ex-spouse. Besserman Law can help make certain that you receive the financial support you need to satisfy your parental duties.

Visitation Rights

In shared custody situations, a visitation program outlines how time will likely be divided between a mother and father. Ordinarily, court-ordered visitation plans permit the noncustodial parent to spend every other weekend in addition to some weekdays and certain holidays with the kid, but parents can submit other visitation arrangements for the acceptance of the court. Besserman Law can help clients secure visitation schedules that meet court requirements and fulfill the needs of parents and youngsters.

Grandparents’ Rights

Sometimes, a parent may unreasonably limit a grandparent’s access to her or his grandchild, or a grandparent could be his or her grandchild’s main caregiver. Besserman Law can help grandparents obtain legal guardianship of grandchildren or seek visitation rights. Besserman Law can additionally help parents keep custody of their kids in disputed situations. Contact Besserman Law for more information about Child Custody & Visitation in Illinois Guardianship as it is an extremely complex area of family law, demanding the wisdom and expertise of a skilled family law attorney.

Deborah, a divorce lawyer in Illinois,  possesses the experience and sensitivity to handle even the most complicated custody circumstances. There is a small initial consultation fee, but if you retain Besserman Law Office, this amount will be deducted from the required retainer.. Adoption Attorneys, Custody Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, Guardianship Attorneys, Premarital Agreements Attorneys, Spousal Support Attorneys.

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