Family Law Mediation: A Path to Resolution

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Mediation Services at Besserman Law

At Besserman Law, we understand that family disputes can be emotionally taxing and complex. Our goal is to provide our clients with a less adversarial and more amicable path to resolving family conflicts. Mediation is a powerful tool that allows individuals and families to reach mutually beneficial agreements, reducing stress, cost, and time spent in litigation.

The Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Amicable Resolution:

Mediation encourages open communication and cooperation between parties, fostering a more amicable resolution to family disputes.

Faster Results:

Mediation often leads to quicker resolutions compared to lengthy court battles, allowing families to move forward sooner.


Mediation is generally more cost-effective than traditional litigation, saving you money in legal fees and court expenses.


Mediation empowers both parties to actively participate in the decision-making process, ensuring that the final agreement meets their unique needs.


Mediation is a private process, protecting sensitive family matters from becoming public record in a courtroom.

Our Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation:

For couples seeking a divorce, our experienced mediators can assist in reaching agreements on property division, child custody, visitation, and spousal support.

Child Custody and Visitation Mediation:

We prioritize the best interests of your children, helping parents create fair and workable custody and visitation arrangements.

Child Support Mediation:

Mediation can help parents establish or modify child support orders, ensuring financial stability for their children.

Property and Asset Division Mediation:

 Our mediators guide couples through the equitable distribution of assets, including complex financial portfolios, real estate, and business interests.

Alimony and Spousal Support Mediation:

We assist in negotiating fair alimony and spousal support agreements that consider both parties' financial circumstances.

Modification and Enforcement Mediation:

When circumstances change, mediation can facilitate modifications to existing family court orders or help enforce compliance.

The Mediation Process

Initial Consultation: We begin with an initial consultation to understand your unique situation and assess whether mediation is the appropriate approach for your case.

Mediation Sessions: Our skilled mediators will facilitate structured discussions between the parties, guiding them toward mutually acceptable solutions.

Agreement Drafting: Once an agreement is reached, we will draft a legally binding document outlining the terms of the resolution.

Court Approval: If required, we will assist in submitting the agreement to the court for approval and incorporation into a court order.

Choose Mediation, Choose Resolution

Mediation offers a constructive alternative to courtroom battles, enabling families to resolve disputes with respect, dignity, and efficiency. At Besserman Law, our mediators are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of family law through peaceful negotiation and agreement.

Contact us today to explore the benefits of family law mediation. Let us guide you towards a harmonious resolution that prioritizes your family's well-being.

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Our offices in Missouri and Illinois are conveniently located. Divorce laws differ according to the jurisdiction. Having in-depth knowledge of the local statutes in their region, our attorneys are prepared to assist you in dealing with any family law issue.
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You need to schedule an initial consultation with an attorney to begin the legal process, divorce process, or custody process. You will have an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions during this one-hour meeting. An initial consultation fee will be quoted when you call to schedule one. All reputable lawyers have consultation fees. Be cognizant of no-fee consultations.
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What to Expect for Any Case.

A divorce or legal process begins with the initial consultation with your attorney. The hour will be devoted to answering specific questions and drafting goals for your case. You can expect your attorney to outline a strategy that has the best chance of success based on the information you provide.

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Ensure you bring all necessary documentation to your consultation, including current and legal documents you think our attorneys will need to see, such as W-2 forms and last year's tax records. If you're not sure what documentation to bring, ask. You will have a more productive initial consult if you have the proper documentation on hand.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) of Divorce

Do we Need To Wait Before we File for a No-Fault Divorce?

Not always. In the case, you as well as your spouse, have lived apart for a continuous period of at least six months before admission of the divorce judgment, the two-year separation requirement could be waived, but only if you both consent in writing to do this. In case the two of you cannot consent, then you will have to satisfy the 2-year condition.

Do you know the Important Legal Problems in a Divorce?

The important problems that commonly come up in divorce cases are property division, child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony. Partners can enter into an agreement, property settlement agreement or divorce agreement, to resolve all or a number of the problems presented by their divorce case. This agreement, and, in particular, any arrangements regarding child custody and child support, will need court acceptance. They will have to fight it out in court where a judge will determine for them under the principles of Illinois law if spouses can not agree on any of the problems.

What’s a Legal Separation?

If you are living separate and apart from your spouse, you can petition a court to allow you a legal separation and fair support or alimony. Either spouse will not be prevented by a ruling for legal separation from filing for divorce after. 

What are my Legal Rights?


Facing family or divorce issues?

At Besserman Law, we understand that family and divorce matters can be challenging and emotionally draining. Our experienced team is here to provide you with compassionate, professional legal support every step of the way.
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