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Reasons to Change Custody Agreement or a Divorce

Besserman Law helps clients seek post-divorce modifications that reflect major lifestyle changes for ex-spouses, parents and children, such as relocation, remarriage, illness and financial difficulties.

It's time to get on with your life and move forward!

Opinions, Marital Settlement Agreements and Parenting Agreements in part create the conditions of continuing interactions between previous spouses, including arrangements for child custody, child support, care, as well as the division of property. In other conditions, ex-spouses show exactly the same non-manipulative or cooperative behavior as they did during the wedding and often violate the conditions of these arrangements and opinions.

Besserman Law helps clients seek post-divorce modifications that reflect important lifestyle changes for ex-spouses, kids, and parents, like relocation, remarriage, illness and financial issues.

There is a small initial consultation fee, but if you retain Besserman Law Office, this amount will be deducted from the required retainer.

We Can Help Clients With Custody Agreement or a Divorce

Deborah will always come highly recommended by me and people in my family that had to hear my stories. I can only hope that she will always be my go-to lawyer if I ever need to go back for anything else. I am truly Grateful for all she has done for me.

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Our family attorney retired in my small town, and I needed someone I could trust and felt comfortable with. I’m glad I went to Besserman Law Office. Deborah is extremely professional, courteous, and goes above and beyond to get things done.

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Before a divorce can be finalized, problems like child custody and visitation, child support and maintenance (“alimony”) need to be resolved. The law comprehends, however, that life moves forward, often in ways unforeseen at the time of divorce. When a significant or “substantial change” in situation affects the operability of a custody or support agreement, either party to a divorce may seek a change of the court order. Possible examples of such change in circumstances may include:

  • One parent decides to relocate and move out of state or far from the other parent.
  • A former spouse remarries or starts to co-habitate with another person.
  • A former spouse increases a promotion or new employment or loses their job.
  • A child’s needs shift, including cases in which a child develops or has compounded special needs.
  • One parent is conflicting with a child’s relationship together with the other parent.
  • A former spouse’s physical or mental state has deteriorated, such as by alcohol or drug abuse.
  • A previous spouse is convicted of a crime.

When a proposed change involves child custody or visitation, it has to be in the best interest of the child. Besserman Law understands that living with an unworkable guardianship arrangement can cause great stress for parents and harm to kids. For clients in need of custody changes, we work as quickly as possible, so appropriate changes are made to fulfill current needs.

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Orders associated to a divorce or custody arrangement should be followed. Regrettably, all too often, people don’t consistently abide by the provisions of court orders and guardianship agreements. Illinois law provides remedies to enforce orders, rulings and arrangements, including withholding driver’s license suspension, placing liens on the property, income, and even jail.

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Contact Besserman Law, your Illinois Divorce lawyer, for an initial consultation if you need to pursue the change or implementation of a court order after divorce. Besserman Law takes the time to understand your unique situation, and determine the best method to present your case so you can accomplish the result you desire. Adoption Attorneys, Custody Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Family Law Attorneys, Guardianships Attorneys, Premarital Agreements Attorneys, Spousal Support Attorneys. Get your divorce lawyer consultation today. There is a small initial consultation fee, but if you retain Besserman Law Office, this amount will be deducted from the required retainer.

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