Divorce Selfie Making Headlines

March 22, 2017
A couple in Canada has become famous for posting a photo to social media of themselves after filing for their divorce. The photo is considered unique because the couple, Chris and Shannon Neuman, appear to be happy in the photo by smiling. Shannon posted the picture to her Facebook account stating her and her husband, Chris, had made the decision to divorce and are happy because they choose to do so amicably with the best intentions for their children. Shannon claims they decided to end their marriage without being bitter and putting their children in the middle of a nasty fight. The photo went viral and was shared by over 27,000 people on Facebook. The post also encouraged other couples to consider doing the same if they are considering ending their marriage because Shannon stated couples should “love your kids more than you hate your ex”.

Making the decision to file for divorce is often filled with numerous emotions and happiness isn’t typically one of them. Couples will experience a range of emotions that can affect their daily lives making it difficult and stressful to finalize details concerning custody of children, residence, possession of belongings, and finances. It is important to retain an experienced Illinois divorce attorney to assist you and support you throughout the difficult process of divorce.

If you are, or considering, filing for divorce, The Besserman Law Office will support you with compassion during this difficult time. Deborah Besserman will fight for your rights and any compensation your deserve. Contact Deborah today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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