Illinois Plane Accident Kills Pilot

March 22, 2017
Over the weekend, a plane crash in the eastern part of Illinois took the life of a man. David Goodwin from Martinsville, Illinois told family members that he was going to go flying, and after they had not heard from him for several hours, they contacted police on Saturday morning and reported him missing. Authorities located the plane crash site near the Indiana border in a Clark County, Illinois cornfield. Jeff Pearce, the Clark County Coroner, pronounced Goodwin dead at the scene of the accident, and his autopsy is scheduled for Monday. It has not yet been determined what caused the plane crash and the Federal Aviation Administration has joined the investigation.
Aviation accidents do not occur as frequently as auto accidents, but they typically result in fatalities. The chance of survival for an individual involved in a plane crash is rare due to the rate of speed a plane travels and the distance in the air that it travels. Those factors combined result in devastating accidents that have deadly results. Plane crashes can be caused by the negligent actions of the pilot, but they can also be caused by errors of the airline, mechanical crew, or air traffic controllers. If you have lost a loved one in an aviation accident, no amount of money will ease the heartbreak you are experiencing. However, contacting an experienced Illinois plane accident attorney will help to recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, and loss of economic support that were all incurred due to the accident.

Deborah Besserman is an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney that is eager to work on your accident case. She will provide you with a thorough investigation into the accident while supporting you with compassion throughout the case. The Besserman Law Office will fight to recover the maximum compensation you deserve for your damages and hold all negligent parties responsible. Contact Deborah today for a free consultation.

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