Horse and Buggy Rear-Ended by Vehicle

March 22, 2017
An accident in southern Illinois occurred on Tuesday afternoon involving a vehicle and a horse and buggy. The Jackson County Sheriff's Department responded to calls reporting the car accident had occurred at approximately 4 p.m. near Campbell Hill. According to authorities, Robert Hines was driving a car when he failed to reduce his speed and slammed into the rear of a horse and buggy being operated by Lovina Lambright. Lambright and six children were traveling in the buggy, and, fortunately, there were no injuries. Hines was cited for operating a motor vehicle without valid insurance and failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash.

Each year there are thousands of injuries and fatalities that are caused by auto accidents. Every accident has its own specific set of circumstances but all accidents can be traumatic and life altering. A majority of auto accidents are preventable and caused by the negligence of others. Drunk driving accidents, rollover accidents, accidents on dangerous roadways, and reckless driving accidents are all examples of avoidable car crashes. Contacting an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney is necessary to receive a proper investigation into the accident and determine the cause of the crash.

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