Two Killed in Three Vehicle Auto Accident

March 22, 2017
Nine individuals sustained injuries in a car accident that involved three vehicles on Thursday night. The accident happened in the suburb of Robbins, south of Chicago. Authorities stated that they’re not exactly sure how the accident happened or what caused the crash that occurred at 7:45 p.m. Three vehicles collided near the intersection of 137th Street and Central Park Avenue and nine occupants of the vehicles were injured in the accident. They were transported by ambulances to area hospitals, and two of the nine people died from their injuries. Police did release the identities of the deceased, and they are 43-year-old Chires Jones and 59-year-old Less Jones. They were both pronounced dead about an hour after the accident by the Cook County medical examiner. The accident is still under investigation.

Fatal auto accidents happen thousands of times a year and are caused by dangerous roadways, vehicle design flaws, mechanical defects, and reckless or negligent driving. Operating a vehicle is a large responsibility, and drivers are required to obtain a driver’s license to receive the proper education and training to be a responsible driver. Traffic laws have been established to protect everyone on the roadways and accidents can happen when those laws are broken. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an auto accident, consulting an experienced Illinois car accident lawyer can help hold the at-fault driver accountable. 

Deborah Besserman has the experience and skill required to handle your case. She will investigate the accident and determine the proper course of action to provide you with the justice you deserve. The Besserman Law Office will fight to recover the maximum compensation for your damages while supporting you during the case. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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