Will You End Up in Divorce Court and the Life After

March 22, 2017
Will you have the ability to settle or will you find yourself in divorce court? The sole reason a divorcing couple winds up in divorce court is because neither side can come to an agreement together with the other, and one or the other refuses to negotiate. Ninety-five percent of all divorces are settled outside court. It must be understood the other 5% are the ones that keep the Family Court System running, albeit that's a promising statistic.

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It's that 5% that often return to court repeatedly. If both parties would make the decision to react to the situation in a rational manner, at times over petty problems that may be solved. It's been my experience when working with clients, the inherent problem with people who are constantly going back to court is the want to get even with their ex-spouse.

There's either the spouse who will not follow through on an agreement to get back at their ex-spouse or the spouse who keeps child visitation to get back at an ex-spouse. They make use of the Family Court System to keep from needing to handle each other and to keep from having to take responsibility for the part they play in the continuing battle by using their ex-spouse.

So, here is some guidance from me, in case your ex pushes your buttons emotionally, get yourself to a therapist's facility and a lawyers office. Most important is the action of moving on following your divorce. Whether you discover you need to work through all these measures are only a few, you'll eventually need to set your marriage behind you as well as proceed to a fresh life.

How happy you are will depend on how well you could take care of the pressure created by your divorce. How you manage anger and any battle; you felt prior to, during and following your divorce plays a tremendous part in the type of life you'll live after your divorce is final.

Some of the problems you'll confront as a single person/parent treating the pain of an unwanted divorce, perhaps returning to the job force after an extended absence or are learning to budget money. Whatever problems come up during divorce and separation moving on and putting it all behind just how much work you're willing to do in regards to rebuilding your life, and you depend on your mindset.

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