Handling Divorce with Minor Children

March 22, 2017
Right to First Refusal
During any divorce proceeding that involves minor children, the court will always favor in the best interest of the child.  Such arrangements include awarding either one or both parent’s rights of first refusal to provide child care for the minor children.  
Likewise, right to first refusal means that if either parent intends to leave the minor children in care of a substitute child-care provider for a lengthy amount of time during normal visitation times, the parent doing so much first offer the other party to opportunity to watch the child.  The only time the right to fist refusal does not apply is in cases of an emergency when such plans can not be pre-made.
During divorce proceedings, both parents much agree to a right of first refusal that is both consistent and in the best interest of the minor children involved, or the court will make the determination. 
If the court must intervene, the following provisions are considered:

  • Length and kind of child-care required invoking the right of first refusal
  • Notification to the other parent; his or her response
  • Transportation of the minor children
  • Other actions necessary to protect the best interest of the minor children

Going through a divorce with minor children involved can be tricky and add to the emotional and physical toll already in place by all parties.  Therefore, making sure parents have a parenting plan for visitation for minor children is detrimental to ensure each child adjusts to the situation properly.
Hiring an experienced Illinois divorce attorney can help you navigate through the process with ease.  The skilled Edwardsville divorce attorney, Deborah Besserman approaches each case with empathy and understanding to make sure you receive the fair judgment you deserve.  If you are considering divorce, please contact Besserman Law Office, LLC today for a consultation.  

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