Speed Was a Factor in the Oregon 3-Vehicle Crash

March 22, 2017
Speed seems to be the main contributing factor in a 3- car crash that happened Monday in Portland, Oregon.  In addition, the multi-vehicle crash happened on NE Marine Drive, which is east of 122nd Avenue.  Although it was not identified who the driver is, witnesses stated that the driver of the Chrysler that was involved in the crash is the car that contributed to the cause of the accident.

The Chrysler's driver was speeding, and abruptly crossed the centerline. Dr. Howard Moskowitz was driving the third vehicle that was involved in the car accident, which in turn caused the first driver to hit the second.  Dr. Moskowitz stated that after the Chrysler crossed the centerline, he quickly swerved to avoid the crash but was unable to do so. 
The Chrysler sideswiped Dr. Moskowitz’s vehicle and caused his vehicle to spin around into the other lane, which caused the first driver to hit the second vehicle.  The driver of the second vehicle has not been identified.  Dr. Moskowitz was uninjured, and the driver of the second vehicle suffered a broken collarbone.  The driver of the Chrysler had to be extracted from their vehicle by firemen and was sent to a nearby trauma center.  

The stretch of Marine Drive that the accident happened on is no stranger to motor vehicle crashes.  In fact, the road is called the High Crash Corridor and is one of the most dangerous roads in the city due to speed.  72 percent of drivers speed on the road, and, therefore, are three times more likely to have a crash.  

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