Divorce and Abuse of Parental Time

March 22, 2017
What Happens When a Parent Abuses Time with Their Children?
Divorce is hard on a family, especially when children are involved.  Furthermore, when one parent abuses the allocated time with his or her children after divorce or separation, repercussions can occur.   If a parent of a child does abuse parenting time, the court may provide an expedited procedure and enforce the time appropriately. 
In Illinois, both criminal and family court offers rights for allocation of parental time to divorced parents or those who had a child who were never married. Additionally, the laws for parental time applies to non-custodial parents who were denied time with the children, and the custodial party who must handle the return of minors in a timely manner. 
If the court finds that one parent has not complied with the parenting time agreement or court order, in the best interest of the child, the court may:

  • Revise the existing parenting order
  • Send one or both parents to a class at his or her expense
  • Order individual or family counseling
  • Order the parent who is the offender to post a cash bond for future compliance
  • Order parenting time to be made up
  • Offending parent may be held in contempt of court
  • Order a civil fine for the non-compliant parent
  • Notify the state police and the offending parent may be placed in a data base for history of parenting order violations

Occasionally one parent may proclaim that the children do not want to visit the other party.  In such a case, the family court in Illinois view this behavior as suspicious and if it occurs you must seek legal representation for a court-approved modification, supervision, or termination of the current schedule.
The skilled Granite City family law attorney, Deborah Besserman is highly experienced in the interworking’s of divorce and child custody.  Deborah understands that compassion is key to favorable results for your divorce proceeding.  Please contact Besserman Law Office today for a consultation.  

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