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Divorce Lawyer Process

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Necessary Documents You Should Have When Preparing Information For Your Divorce Lawyer

Have you come to the conclusion of divorce, you need to start gathering documentation that will be required during the divorce process. Either you use an attorney or go the Pro Se route (Do-It-Yourself), the following is a listing of documents that you want to have ready for a divorce attorney to review:Complete addresses, list of phone numbers, and Social Security numbers of any kids that may be involved and both spouses.Full names of all involved, birth dates of children and spouses involved, Social Security numbers for all children and spouses involved, and addresses of children of the marriage, and...

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General Points of Discussion When Working With Your Divorce Lawyer on Separating Agreements

So you and your spouse separate, you will need to draw up a separation agreement. Some states recognize a legal separation, some don’t. If your state acknowledges a legal separation, your divorce lawyer in Illinois or Missouri or court clerk will be able to guide you and help you set up an arrangement. If your state does not recognize a legal separation, you will need your lawyer to file a request for an interim order. The legal separation arrangement is put in place to protect all parties to the divorce within the event you separate, and the divorce is concluded.Understand...

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Understanding Divorce – Top Reason Your Divorce Lawyer Files Motions

A motion is a legal move your divorce attorney uses to be able to get your specific problem into a court and in front of a judge. In Madison County cases centralized in Edwardsville, IL and St. Clair County cases are concentrated in Belleville, IL. Motions are filed based on the requirement to enforce a court order you already have or to gain a court order.Contact Deborah Besserman, a divorce lawyer in Granite City, IL and Edwardsville, IL, if you are contemplating a divorce or just need information on the best move to make pre-divorce.A motion to the court clearly...

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5 Steps an Illinois Divorce Lawyer Can Navigate For You in the Divorce Process

After the initial petition for your Illinois divorce is filed and before you go to court, you will navigate your way through the discovery process. The discovery process only takes place if the divorce is being challenged or you and your spouse are incapable of coming to an agreement during settlement negotiations.The discovery process is the best time treat each other with respect and honesty. This is the stage of your divorce that will fetch the most financially and emotionally. Fortunately for you Besserman makes it more affordable to get you an Illinois divorce lawyer. Deborah allows for a payment...

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Will You End Up in Divorce Court and the Life After

Will you have the ability to settle or will you find yourself in divorce court? The sole reason a divorcing couple winds up in divorce court is because neither side can come to an agreement together with the other, and one or the other refuses to negotiate. Ninety-five percent of all divorces are settled outside court. It must be understood the other 5% are the ones that keep the Family Court System running, albeit that's a promising statistic.If you or a loved one are entering, thinking about, or need advice regarding your divorce. Call Deborah Besserman, Edwardsville Divorce Lawyer and Edwardsville personal injury attorney,...

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