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Estate Planning

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What is a Living Will?

​Estate Planning with a Living Will A living will, which is often called a health care directive or advance directive is a legal document that provides the security that your end-of-life medical care will be what you want.  Contrary to the name, a living will is not similar to other documents which leave property at the time of your life.  A living will simply will direct medical professionals what your wishes are at the end of your life if you are unable to communicate.  Therefore, a living will have no power once you are deceased.  Creating...

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What is a Living Trust?

Help with Your Estate Planning Although it is typically not a topic many people like to think about, it is important to understand what goes into estate planning.  Furthermore, when you work hard your entire life, you want to make sure your assets are controlled even after you’re gone.  Even for people who live modestly, it helps to rest assured you have a living trust in place based on your individual circumstances.  What is a Living Trust? A living trust manages your property and assets after your death.  Likewise, with a living trust no court intervention is...

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Estate Planning: What’s the Difference Between a Will and Trust?

Wills and TrustsThe terms will and trust seem to often be used interchangeably, however, most people are unsure what the difference is, and how they are used with estate planning. Likewise, although estate planning is something that should be done, the grim thought of looking into the future when you’re gone is not something most people want to do.  On the other hand, when wills and trusts are skillfully executed by a professional Illinois estate planning attorney, you can rest assured that your family members will be well taken care even after you’re gone.  What...

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Help with Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning? ​Estate Planning is something everyone should be prepared for no matter what his or her background or amount of money.  Likewise, although not everyone realizes it, each person that owns possessions of some sort has an estate.  Such items are included in an estate are:Real estateBanking accountsInvestmentsLife InsuranceFurniturePossessionsIt is a wise decision to execute a will or trust with a skilled Edwardsville estate planning attorney so you can know what will happen to your things after you are gone.  That way you can ensure all of your wishes are carried out the way you want them, and...

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